About us

MILITOR is a world renowned manufacturing and distribution company. We provide traditions of quality and excellence that extends throughout our history. For the 21st Century, We have fully modernized these traditions with computer aided design quality control procedures.

Outstanding quality and excellent customer service have set MILITOR apart from the competition since 2014.

Our passion pushes us to go further in the design, research and development of our products. Design, comfort, technology and knowledge are our key-words and we include them in the service of our passion.

In addition, our materials are according to the EUROPEAN Reach Standard, CE Certification and meticulous attention to quality control, allows us to extend customer’s expectations with their complete satisfaction.

Our highly skilled workers along with Garment Technicians invest their energies and ideas to develop new Products with Innovative touch. We are proud to say that our Products are being supplied to the major Brands throughout the Europe, North America and South America.

We confidently invite you for a progressive business relation.

CEO Message:-

Mr.Umair Shakil is the owner of MILITOR and next generation in the Japonica family and is following in his father's footsteps to continue the growth and success of his company. He is talented young man; he works closely with the management team for develop worthy landscape for external and local markets and make high-stakes decisions using experience-backed judgment, strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity. He consistently achieved significant year-on-year business growth and engaged the right resources and tools for creating value which shows through in the products. As well his expertise on budgeting & planning process develop rapid change across the company. He possesses the achievement of organization goals and has strong belief in a collaborative team.